A Wedding Film

I like to look for inspiration in different places… usually places rather unassociated with the wedding world. A fashion magazine or two, an architecture publication, I even got an idea from a children’s book once… I figured out that the less I look at other wedding photography the more I would have to work to make images unique… and so far it has been working.
The only disconnect is that I love weddings… I love everything about them, especially the pictures. I will admit that there are some of my fellow wedding photographer’s blogs and sites that I will never stop looking at, but I think that is more so because I count them as friends… For the most past I have vowed not to seek out inspiration from my peers. So, what does a wedding photographer who has committed himself to severely limiting the amount of other wedding photographs he looks at, do?

He watches films.

Wedding films.

I will be honest here, and tell you that at first I was very disappointed with the majority of wedding videography that I was seeing. It was poorly done, badly edited, the sound tracks sucked and worst of all they were really hoaky.

Then slowly it happened.

I found a film that moved me… and then I found another… and another. Before you knew it I had found a plethora of inspired, brilliant film makers that had decided to make wedding films. I visit these select points of inspiration on regular basis… watching, admiring and thinking. Thinking about how I can blend the world of photography with the cinematography. There is a distinct perspective that a good cinematographer takes and uses. Even though they are using a medium that conveys movement and action, they can still make an incredible impact with a single frame… if done right.

I thought I had some good sources for those single frames of inspiration.

Until now.

Watch. Be moved. Be Inspired. Be Blown Away.

Coco + James // Teaser from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

This is the single best Wedding Film I have EVER seen.

Visit americanacinemablog.com/wordpress/ to see the Film in its entirety.