Black & White

I have had a lot of people asking if I shoot film… the answer isn’t just a simple yes or no. I used to shoot film years back and loved everything about it. Now a days you simply can not avoid the digital thing. All of my gear is digital and so is all of my post processing. Gone are the days of buying different film speeds and experimenting in the dark room. It is a bit of a blessing in disguise though… now I have more time to spend shooting and interacting with clients.
If there is one thing I do miss, its grain. Glorious grainy Black & White film. I do my best to make every b&w; picture I make resemble the product of some old SLR loaded with Hi ISO Black &White; film. I love the depth and texture it gives an image. Granted, I don’t carry a film camera with me much anymore, so I have had to find other ways around it. I use in camera settings, LR Post process and Photoshop actions to achieve the look I am going for.

So when people ask me if I have shot something on film… I have to pause, and reply with, “No, I shoot digital…but I shoot like film”. =)

But that inevitably raises more questions.

Maybe I should just say, yes.

But then I am sure I will get some smarty pants that will want to know how I jammed a roll of film into my DSLR…

Maybe I should just run away.

Meh… who knows. Looks like I will just be stuck explaining myself all the time. Thats okay too, I am married with kids, so I am used to it. HA!

Here is one of my favorite Black & Whites with tons of glorious grain. ENJOY!