Erica and Ted, a Venice Beach Engagement

“We want you to come up an hour early… and come hungry.”

Driving up to Venice to meet Ted and Erica I couldn’t for the life of me remember if I asked her why… I mean I just figured we were gonna grab a snack or something.

Well, I had done exactly as instructed and not eaten lunch and if you know anything about me, a hungry PVR is a grumpy PVR. Luckily I managed my way through the late afternoon obstical course that is the 405 on a Sunday and made it to Venice Beach with out having to gesture out my window one time. (just kidding about that… well sort of).
Standing at the corner of Speedway and Westminster I barely notice the small cafe behind me. It was just about the time I notice Ted and Erica walking toward me that I also noticed the faint smell of fried pastries on the air. Disregarding the temptation to immediately discontinue the slow gate I had initiated in the direction of Ted and Erica was a difficult one. The smell of donuts can have a powerful effect on a person.

We met with smiles and hugs and then Erica spoke the magic words “you hungry?”

I smiled, laughed a bit and answered with a rather enthusiastic “YES”!!!
(who am I kidding I thought, I am HANGRY).

“I remember u said something about liking prosciutto, so we are taking you to Zelda’s
“That sounds amazing” I said, immediately forgetting about the sweet smell of donuts in the air.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, that little cafe behind me was in fact Zelda’s. After we ordered our “Mr. Electric” sandwiches we headed out to the boardwalk and found a seat. I asked questions about the wedding and we chatted about the schedule. The entire time trying not to talk with my mouth full of the probably the most amazing prosciutto sandwich I will ever have.

SO, with out further adieu I give you Ted and Erica… Powered by prosciutto, awesome, and love.

P.S. The sandwiches came with a side of mini donuts. Per Erica’s direction I saved a few to take home and let Xander have… which was the beginning of habit of sending me home with sweets for my lil guy. (more on that in their wedding post).

(They were just married on top of a sky scraper in downtown Los Angeles on New Years Eve, and I am still picking confetti out of my camera gear. Stay tuned for those shenanigans.)