I’m back

So, I know I have been a bit absent from the blogging lately.

Things have been a bit crazy.

The wifey, boys and I took a much needed vacation at my parents house outside of Seattle not to long ago… and I finally had sometime to just sit and reflect a bit…

In the past month and a half I have been to three different states, racked up some decent air mileage, driven to different corners of California, taken pictures of beautiful places and amazing couples taking a major life step together.

It has been incredible.

In the next couple months I will be hoping on planes a little over eight times. Jetting off to all ends, taking pictures of people in love, and their day of day’s.

It is pretty surreal.

I never thought I would be the photographer that people would search out. I never thought I would have gotten a call from NY or a e-mail from Brazil, from enthusiastic brides asking me to shoot their weddings. I never thought I would be forced to get past my mild fear of flying so I could be apart of all of these amazing events. I never thought I would be the photographer that would photograph a first dance on plexiglas covered roof top pool, I never thought I would be the photographer that got weekly e-mails from other photographers looking for advice or help. I never thought I would find a career that is more of a passion than a job.

Sitting there on my parents deck looking out towards the sound…

It occurred to me…

My life is pretty incredible, and I am pretty darn lucky to be the guy living it.

So, thank you to everyone that likes my pictures. Thank you to my wife for helping me live a dream. Thank you to every bride and groom that hires me. Thank you to every couple that puts me on a plane bound for some exciting destination. Thank you to all the blogs that have feature my work this year (something like 40+ at last count). Thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to stop and read this blog.

You are all making this life possible, and I think I should do my best to share some of it with you.

Like the title says; “I’m Back”… and I am going to light up this blog with some of the greatest weddings you have ever seen. Cross my heart and hope to… you get the point.

In the mean time here is the view that got me thinking.