Lauren and Brian Morales, Balboa Bay Club Wedding

I suppose I wasn’t too surprised when they didn’t play “YMCA” at Lauren and Brian’s Newport Beach wedding bash… But it would have fit perfectly if they had…

Lauren and Brian met over ten years ago back when they were counselors at the YMCA. According to Lauren; Brian had a big’ol crush on her, and wasn’t overly shy about letting her know… Brian denies  this (but we all know better). Sadly their romantic tryst never embarked, as they were both off to college. Bringing their subtle YMCA romance to an abrupt end.

Luckily, two years later when Lauren (back from school) clocked in for a summer shift at the good ‘ol YMCA… a certain somebody caught her eye, it was Brian! Fate works in funny ways sometimes, and there was no denying it this time…

Brian proposed to Lauren in the winter of 2008, and of course she said yes. They set a May 2010 date for their wedding at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach and enjoyed their engagement. I was lucky enough to be this couple’s engagement photographer and have always been impressed with their connection. I remember thinking to my self “I bet these two never fight or disagree on anything”. I still think I am right. Their wedding was a beautiful affair set amongst mega yachts, pacific breezes, and the blue waters of Newport harbor (and a couple Ferraris in the parking lot). I knew from the start that this was going to be a rockin party, from the lounge set up for the reception to the gourmet sliders being served as part of dinner. I barely saw any one sitting down the entire reception. Well, the day did not disappoint, there were beautiful skies, a gorgeous ceremony on the water, a solo of Sweet Caroline by the bride, an unstoppable dance floor , and a couple in love.

Congrats Lauren and Brian, I hope you love your pictures as much I loved being part of your day!

(BTW, I am playing a little “Wheres Waldo” on this set… see if you can find me.) =P