Leaving on a jet plane…

I am posting a blog post without an image for the first time today… I am guessing that I am going to have plenty of images to post over the coming days. So I figured I should give you a break.

In exactly 3 hours time I will be at John Wayne airport boarding my flight to Las Vegas for my very first WPPI. I am so excited that I could barely sleep. I just kept checking my list of “to do’s”; I have got my Revo sunglasses, my new Oakley luggage packed, my awesome new Franklin & Gower slacks, my Polaroid loaded with film and a big smile on my face.

Only missed one thing… my camera.

Or did I?

Nope, didn’t miss it. It is staying home for this trip. After I am finally settled in my room at the MGM, I will be making my way to a “top secret” location. At this location known only to myself and a couple other lucky folks we will be handed some of Nikon’s best, brand new gear. Myself and a couple other people will have the pleasure of using this gear and evaluating it over the next few days. I am going to be tweeting updates about what I think of the gear on my twitter account several times a day. You can also expect about two blog posts a day reviewing the products I am using and how they are working out for me during my activities at the show. Now I am no imaging rocket scientist or anything… so you can expect my opinions and reviews to be pretty down to earth.

One more thing, I promised that I would post my schedule daily, so here is my first day. Not a whole lot going on… wait for tomorrow… that is when things start to get crazy!

-10am // touch-down in Las Vegas and head for the MGM to get checked in.
-4pm // head to the top secret location and get geared up.
-6pm // keynote address (Gregory Heisler)
-7:30pm – 8:30pm // welcome reception
-8:30pm // Dinner with Nikon

Looking forward to an exciting couple of days. Please feel free to follow me on twitter or add me on facebook by following the links at the top of the page.

Oh, and I also wanted to say a big I LOVE YOU to my amazingly wonderful wife and kids. I will miss you all very much and be thinking about you everyday I am away.