Looks like George’s boat has come in.

Have you ever ridden on a bicycle trying to follow a boat around? Well, George has. That is how Christa knew that he was a keeper.

Christa had been invited to go on a bit of a boat ride around Seal Beach harbor… a bit of a booze cruise, if you will. The plan was this; have some drinks and park the boat at a bar in the harbor, call George to come over (he could ride his beach cruiser to the first bar, it was pretty close) and have some more drinks. But plans rarely ever go 100% to plan during a booze cruise… Turns out that every single bar they went to turned into just a pit stop. So George was pretty much sent peddling in circles trying to follow their landing point around the harbor…

After a couple hours and a couple pit stops he finally caught up…

During all of these shenanigans Christa’s mom looked at her, rather impressed with her daughter’s boyfriends dedication and said “You just had this guy follow you around the harbor on a bike?? This one is a keeper”. 

Yeah, George is a keeper and Christa knows it. He just plain oozes admiration and love for his bride to be, and it is a good thing he does because Christa returns every once of it. I can’t remember the last time I spent the day with a couple that was so obviously smitten with each other.