Profile-picture-for-Website-There isn’t a whole lot that you need to know about me that you wouldn’t learn from spending 15 minutes with me. I smile a lot. I laugh at just about everything. I am a hugger. I am in love with the idea of love. I use the word cute far more than socially acceptable for a guy. And if you have junior mints on you or in the vicinity, I am liable to eat them all.

I wish I could tell you some fancy story about how I am an “aaaarrrrrrrtist” and years of “punishment” and “toil” have motivated me to make art… but that would just be a lie. The reality is pretty simple; I want to make beautiful photos just as bad as you want to have them (maybe more).

I live a pretty surreal life these days. I take pictures of amazing people in love. I get to hop on planes and travel all over this blue marble to hang out with couples on the biggest day of their lives. I am insanely fulfilled and amazingly happy. If I ever complain or you don’t see me smiling, smack me. Okay?

Give me a shout if you want to talk about one of the biggest days of your life.
It is my favorite subject and I am all ears. =)



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“We adore Paul, know him personally and would whole heartedly recommend him. He so effortlessly captures the beauty, while still having a cool and edgy vibe. He’s pretty much the bee’s knees. Hey Paul, when are you coming down for sushi again? (;” -xoxo amy, the wedding chicks

“What I love about Paul’s work is that he knows exactly who his ideal client is, and can produce images that are so perfect for them. He’s got a flare for the dramatic, yet he manages to create work that you’d want on your wall for the next three decades because he’s so good at classic elements. There is so much light and emotion in what he captures, which are some of the things I always look for when selecting favorites. Paul’s photos are at once modern, clean, refreshing and most importantly, enduring.”    -Summer Watkins of 

“When the R&P; team were thinking of who our top 5 Photographers were going to be then there was no doubt in the World that Paul was going to be one of them.” – 

“Every wedding has events to catalog and details to record, but what photographer Paul Von Rieter wants to capture are the deeper elements of that special day” – Nikon USA for Rangefinder Magazine