“Now thats and Entry!”

Last weekends wedding brought a new meaning to, “here comes the bride!” Kendra, the bride, being part of a “aviation family” (as her father put it), was flown in from her parents private estate on the Hideaway golf course in La Quinta. Her mechanical chariot landed on the fairway of what I think was the 17th, and the best part was that James (her fiance) had NO IDEA that she was going to be arriving that way! You should have seen the guys face, talk about shock! It was an an amazing wedding, they really pulled out the stops for this one, even though it was admitted that it was a tough year for all. I think Kendra’s dad said it best “this has been one of the hardest years on all of us, which gives us all the more reason to really celebrate and enjoy this evening!”

Great people, great wedding. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks.