This is why I am a wedding photographer.

I never get to specific with people when they ask why I like shooting weddings. There are a ton of reasons that make it fun and make me love it… but the real reason is something I have a hard time saying. Why, you ask? (You are asking right now…right?) Well, I think the real reason sounds cliche. I feel like people will give me that “yeah right dude” kinda look. I feel like you will think I am full of BS.
Well, here it is the real reason I shoot weddings (drum roll)…
I shoot weddings because MY wedding photos SUCK!!!! They don’t just sorta suck… they mega suck. They suck so bad that I am super motivated to make sure that no one has to go through what my wife and I have to every time we look at one.
I want to make sure you have wedding photos that rock your socks, and continue to do so for the rest of your lives. I work hard to make sure you do.
Not because I have to, but because I want to.
Bunnie and I got married in Maui just over three years ago. It was one of the happiest days of my life. She really is a awesome person. We spent a couple months doing our best to put everything together from the mainland. Chose the location, chose the ceremony specifics and selected other fun details. When it came to our photographer… well, our coordinator promised she had just the person for the it, and they would do an amazing job. So we trusted her. We where married on Kapalua Bay Beach at sunset in a ring of flowers with our closest family and friends looking on. Sounds awesome right? It was. It was amazing. Too bad you can’t tell from the photos…turns out our “Professional Photographer” was our COORDINATOR with a 20d and a kit lens (and a flash set on full blinding blast).
For the love of god, please do your research. Pick a reputable Professional Wedding Photographer. Take the extra time to look around and make the investment to pay a little extra for a pro. You won’t regret it. These are your memories. Don’t let some one screw them up.
We are able to laugh the whole thing now, and I am betting you will to… because the are posted below.
Over expose much?

Can you say blurry? And who are those people in the background? Locals eating KFC. no joke.


Ultra blurry…
Okay, so cute composition on the first one of my awesome little step son… but blurry again… and there is just something up with the exposure.
More blur, one of the oh so many blinking pics and I am totally confused by bunnie’s pose… is she getting arrested?

Okay, Okay enough with the chuckling. I know I was a bit more of a chub chub back then. 
You done giggling yet?
In all seriousness I am not posting this to bash our photographer. I am such a supporter of people picking up a camera and going for it. I just want this to be a cautionary tale. If you skimp on the photography and let things like price and convenience make the decision for you… well you end up with crap photos like ours.
But don’t fret about Bunnie and me. We love each other more than two people ever could and I have a disc full of motivation to make sure you have the most awesome wedding photos ever.
Chacka!   (P.S. this photo was taken with my sisters point and shoot… better than the “pro”)