Leili and Brandon

Leili and Brandon were married just this last Saturday at the awesome Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills. I will definitely be sharing that in a couple weeks, but for now, I will use their engagement images to get you prepped.

I am normally pretty stoic during the wedding ceremonies. There is typically a lot for me to pay attention to, watching for emotional reactions and making sure that I am using the light the best way possible. I am kinda in “the zone”… Don’t get me wrong, I love them and I pretty much smile like an idiot through all of them watching my couple experience something profoundly meaningful and wonderful… but I don’t really tear up or anything… I am too busy trying to get pictures of YOU tearing up. 😉

…but this one really got to me. Which shouldn’t be surprising, Leili and Brandon are such generous and genuine people that it was impossible not to feel a sense of joy for them.  But, there was something more to it than just that… Stay tuned for that story in a couple weeks.