Liz and Dave

I am such a sissy sometimes. I swear. Maybe its because I have kids… or maybe I am just “the sensitive type” (read with sarcastic tone)

There isn’t anything that gets me more than watching a daughter and her father at a wedding. Whether it be the first time he sees his little girl in her dress, walking down the isle, or the father daughter dance… I go to mush looking at the pictures. Especially when it is for a wedding like Liz and Dave. From the short time I spent with Liz’s dad, it was clear he was very invested in this wedding and I don’t mean the pocketbook form of investment. Heck, when I couldn’t find anyone to help me get her dress out of the bag to hang it up, Liz’s dad came to the rescue. You should have seen how carefully he handled it. You could tell it was something significant just by watching how he looked at it. I think somewhere inside he knew exactly what that dress meant… and that, that summer day was the day his little girl was going to put it to purpose…

I don’t have a daughter… and perhaps that is a good thing, cause I think I might just be a blubbering mess on her wedding day.

Liz and Dave, I loved every second of your wedding. Both of your families and your friends made me feel like I was a long lost relative there to record your day. I’d like to think I accomplished just that.