Look what I got in the mail today from Ashley Hartman (Tenerelli)!

August was a pretty amazing month. Not only did we get to visit Montana for the first time but I got to photograph some pretty breath taking weddings. One of those weddings was that of Ashley Hartman and Franco Tenerelli. It was one for the books. If you go to the site (www.vonrieter.com) you can see I dedicated an entire slide show to this incredible couple. And don’t worry, if Ashley looks a little familiar (you aren’t going crazy), she is quite the celebrity. Ashley’s resume includes starring roles on the OC, being an American Idol finalist and is a co host on a MTV show (amongst other things). She is currently working on a new show for MTV and just released an awesome new single! You can check out her new single and see what she has been up to on her site www.ashleyhartman.com.
So I go out to my mail box this afternoon and find a envelope, a big envelope. I open it up and look what I found!

I swear, I am so lucky and privileged to have such wonderful and talented brides. Ashley and Franco, both of you are amazing and I feel so honored that you chose me to help you remember your big day! Thank you for the special note, and you are very welcome!