Orange County Wedding Photographer in Beverly Hills and Hollywood and WeHo and…

Sometimes you sit down with potential clients and start to feel like you just are not the photog for them. They don’t laugh at your stupid jokes, their facial expressions don’t change when you show you them your slideshow, maybe they even cut the meetings short… thank you for your time and head out never to be heard from again! It doesn’t happen all that often. Maybe they didn’t like the way I dressed, maybe they didn’t like they way I talked, who knows, maybe they thought my work was crap! Its okay though because my kids and wife tell me I am a really cool guy all the time to make sure my ego doesn’t get wounded. lol (love you bunnie! and little dudes!)
Joe and Christie couldn’t be more the opposite of the people above. As I sat at Urth Caffe on Melrose watching the two of them sip their blended coffee drinks, ooh and ahhing at my slideshow, I knew I had to be their wedding photographer. Aside from being beautiful people on the outside, I was ridiculously impressed with how much they seemed to care about everything but themselves. Joe has managed to change the face of advertising and give back huge sums of money to multiple charities all from the same company. He is the President of If you do one thing today, it should be going to that site and signing up. Christie is no slouch herself, she works for a American film and television production company which finances, produces, and distributes socially relevant films and documentaries. If you have ever seen Syriana, The Soloist, An Inconvenient Truth or more recently The Informant, that would be her handy work!
Luckily Joe and Christie decided I was there guy. I couldn’t have been more excited (I still am a bit and their wedding has already happened!!!). So when it came time for their engagement photos we all agreed it needed to be something a bit different. Something special and something that embraced their love for the city that they call home; Hollywood CA. We spent the better part of a day wandering the streets of West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Runyon Canyon (just to name a few). It has to be the most fun I have ever had on a E-session. They were fabulous, entertaining my every creative whim and doing it with a big smile.

They were married at The London Hotel in West Hollywood on August 29th and I am in the middle of editing their fabulous photos (I will post those soon, they are breath-taking!). But in the mean time,check out some of my favorites from our fantastic day roaming around Hollywood…

 This one is one of my all time favorites!